• A traditional New England bread recipe that combines bread flour, cornmeal, molasses, oil, salt, yeast. Anadama makes a nice side to the Maine Saturday night dinner with baked beans. Myth abounds with this bread, a customer recounted this story, “Anna, a fisherman’s wife, added flour and yeast to her husbands porridge turning it into bread. Not appreciating the change the fisherman shouted, “Anna, damn her!” Our version comes from a Margaret Standish cookbook, with a Bread Shack twist, presented to Dara by Joan Macri when the bakery opened whom stated, “Well you just have to bake Anadama, it’s from New England.”

Asiago Cheese Bread

  • A soft white bread made with a biga preferment, oil, salt and yeast. Asiago, a strong cow’s milk cheese, is great for baking because the flavor carries through to the final product. Try it with your soup or as a grilled cheese sandwich.


  • The baguette is a traditional long, crusty French bread we make everyday unless a nor’easter prevents it. The Bread Shack version, made with poolish and a long fermentation process, is not very pretty but it is full of flavor. Great with pasta meals, soup, dipped in seasoned oil, or as an appetizer with any number of toppings. The baguette is best eaten the day it’s baked for the best flavor and crust.

Country Sour

  • Made with what we call liquid levain, the starter created when The Bread Shack was formed, is a ‘quick’ sourdough bread, only 18 hours from refreshment to baking. For interest we add rye and whole wheat flour.

Country Sour Miller’s Grain

  • Our country sour with an 8 grain soaker of Maine-grown oats, cracked wheat, pearl barley, millet; flax, sunflower, poppy and sesame seeds.

Deli Rye

  • A lighter rye bread with a bit of rye starter, caraway seeds, yeast and salt. A classic rye for your hot pastrami or corned beef.

Dinner Rolls – French

  • A torpedo, or oval, shaped roll made from the baguette dough. Nice and chewy for your lobster roll.

Dinner Rolls – Kaiser

  • Our version of a soft dinner roll using same dough as the Cinnamon Raisin and Asiago Cheese Bread. It has a thin crust and a soft interior with some fermentation from the biga, can be uses it has a hamburger sandwich bun.

English Muffins

  • Vinegar is the secret to an English muffin. One of our best sellers, the English Muffin is excellent toasted.


English Muffins Whole Wheat

  • Well, some of us have to eat more whole grains. The Maine-grown wheat adds a lovely nutty flavor brought out toasted with butter.

Flaxseed Rye

  • This bread was developed by Jon, our morning baker, after taking a class at King Arthur Flour. We soak the flaxseed the day before to break down the enzyme inhibitors in the seeds so that they can be chewed and digested. We use a combination of rye starter and yeast. If you like rye breads and need the health of flaxseeds you will like this bread, it is full of flavor and texture.

French Loaf

  • Made with the same dough as the baguette, with a round shape so it is less crusty and has a soft interior (or crumb). The large slices make it perfect for sandwich bread or toast. The shape also lends itself well for cutting out the center and filling with dip (spinach/crab dip/cheese) for parties.


  • This popular bread is made plain, or topped with sea salt, seeds or onions. For The Bread Shack twist, since we can’t bring in New York water, is two types of starters, biga and levain, boiled and baked.

Basil Garlic Pine Nut

  • Made with some levain starter, basil, pine nuts, garlic, salt, yeast, this savory bread looks as good as it tastes with a colorful interior and great smell! Rich in flavor and texture this bread can stand by itself with a little butter, oil or soft cheese; or as accompaniment with any luscious meal.


  • An Italian-style flatbread made with a lot of biga pre-ferment to create a surprisingly flavorful, chewy bread. Great with anything salty and spicy. Turn it into a pocket sandwich for hiking, biking or skiing.

Cinnamon Raisin

  • Full of fruity raisins with a dusting of cinnamon. Made with the big pre-ferment, oil and yeast for a soft bread for breakfast and toast.


  • It is a traditional Jewish loaf made with white flour, water, salt, yeast and enriched with oil, eggs and honey. The braided challah loaf makes for a beautiful presentation on the table for the Friday evening Sabbath meal. For Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, we weave it into a round loaf as a symbol for the circle of life, or adding raisins to celebrate the sweetness of life. And it makes great French toast.

Chocolate Cherry Bread

  • A chocolate delight for chocolate lovers with dark and white chocolate chunks and dried cherries. When warmed in the toaster oven the chocolate begins to melt and becomes spreadable. Try it with good butter or vanilla ice cream. The rich soft texture makes this bread a special treat.

Cranberry Walnut

  • Healthful bread made with organic Maine-grown whole wheat, biga pre-ferment, dried cranberries, walnuts and oil to soften it. Lovely breakfast bread with just butter or cream cheese, a good start to the day on the right foot. Try our Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad sandwich on Cranberry Walnut bread the next time you are at The Bread Shack. Seasonally it can be served with turkey, cheese and chutney and adds color and taste and variety to a breadbasket at dinner.


  • Wonderful, soft flatbread, great for sandwiches and just about any topping sweet or savor – caramelized onion, garlic, rosemary, cheese, sea salt, white chocolate and grapes!? We use it for the hot egg breakfast sandwich with a slice of cheese.


  • Made from the ciabatta dough cut to resemble an ear of wheat. Topped with seeds and sea salt it is an excellent addition to any cocktail party with olives, cheese and red wine.

French Slippers

  • Dough too warm, too slack, over-fermented? No fear, just make a pair of slippers. Comfortable to wear while making coffee and toast, and comes in many shades from pale to black, with or without seeds for texture. Goes well with most bathrobes.

Fruit and Seed

  • Every artisan bakery has to have figs so why not combine dried fruits (figs and apricots) and seeds (sunflower and sesame seeds) and a hint of anise? To add complexity we use rye starter and flour, molasses and oil for softening.


  • Our white sourdough made from the starter Dara has been freshening and nuturing since 1989, see About Our Breads. “Miles from the ‘8-hour’ breads I started my baking career with, Levain requires care and attention. It is the bread that I fell in love with and turned me towards artisan baking.” A family favorite, Dara ships bread home on a regular basis. When Dara’s nephew, Payton, visits Grandma’s house he asks if there is any Levain right after looking for cinnamon buns.


  • Considered a whole-wheat sourdough, the size of this gorgeous 2-kilogram loaf often intimidates undecided customers but the loaf can be sold in quarters or halves. Miche, made with levain starter and about 70% Maine-grown whole wheat, water and sea salt, has a tangy but not overpowering sourdough taste and a soft inside. The strong flavor makes it a good side to soups or alone as a side dish, spread with butter. Miche is Dara’s personal favorite.

Miller’s Grain

  • Our sourdough multi-grain, one of our most popular breads, is made with the levain starter, Maine-grown whole wheat flour and our own 8 seed/grains mix – Maine grown oats, cracked wheat, pearl barley, millet; flax, sunflower, poppy and sesame seeds. High in fiber, flavor and texture this bread makes wonderful toast and an excellent accompaniment for soups and sandwiches.


  • For those who like multi-grain but not sourdough, we make the Multi-Grain with biga, oil and yeast for a softer crumb and thinner crust. Made with organic white and Maine-grown whole wheat flour, biga, and our 8 seed/grains mix – Maine grown oats, cracked wheat, pearl barley, millet; flax, sunflower, poppy and sesame seeds.

Nut Twist

  • Sweet, nutty, cinnamon – all the flavors that say tea or coffee time. Made with flour, ground pecans, milk, sugar, butter, almond paste, eggs, yeast, salt and cinnamon. Modeled after babbka, it is a special bread to share with company or just a special treat for family breakfast or snack.


  • Taking advantage of the lovely organic oat flour Downeast Foods stocks we combine a liquid levain, Maine-grown organic oats and some molasses for sweetness to create a dense, rich loaf that stands out against the fluffy, soft oatmeal bread on store shelves.

Olive Bread

  • We use a combination of levain starter and yeast with kalamata olives, oil, salt and yeast. If you like olives…what’s not to like.

Roasted Garlic

  • Whole cloves of garlic roasted in olive oil…sure to please the garlic lover but not for the meek of taste buds! Combined with the levain starter, sea salt and yeast, great for any meal – toast with an omelet, roast beef and cheddar cheese sandwich, on its own or in a dinner bread basket.


  • Our best selling specialty bread, the Rosemary is made with levain starter, fresh rosemary, and sprinkled with coarse sea salt for a burst of flavor when eating the crunchy crust. The golden crust, aromatic rosemary and decorative scoring make it a great loaf to bring to dinner at a friend’s house. A very versatile loaf that complements many uses and flavors. Try a goat cheese and sundried tomato omelet on toasted rosemary bread for a memorable breakfast sandwich.

Sourdough Rye (Roggen)

  • Sourdough rye brings out the sweetness of rye flour in this rich, dense rye bread made with Maine-grown organic rye flour and sourdough rye starter. With Caraway Seeds for the American taste or without, and with Pumpkin Seeds on Monday for a warmer flavor.


  • A German sweet bread with nuts, dried fruits and a strip of marzipan in the center that we make in December. We soak almonds, two varieties of raisins and citron in rum before incorporating them into the final bread. The recipe originates from a bakery in Vancouver, Canada, where Dara worked for a time, “It was a great experience to work for a baker trained in Germany who cared about the ingredients and processes. We made fruit cake and Stollen from scratch using great ingredients. The final breads were delicious, it was a cornerstone of my baking career – how wonderful baked goods are using quality ingredients and the commitment and respect to process.”


  • Made with Durum pasta flour and has a low salt content. Award winning breads at the Sigep Bread Cup, held annually in Rimini, Italy, are those that feature a low or no salt content, a health component valued by the Italians of that region. Great with all sauces and cured meats.

Whole Wheat – Maine Grown

  • This bread, with includes oil, honey, salt and yeast, is made with 100% organic whole wheat flour grown in Maine and milled by Aurora Mills in Linneus, Maine. After a couple of years baking with this lovely, flavorful flour all else pales in comparison with its nutty rich flavor. It has a healthy, nice texture, a great sandwich or dinner basket bread.

Maine Grown Sprouted Wheat Bread.

  • The same recipe as our Maine Grown Whole Wheat bread with the addition of wheat berries, which we soak, and sprout 2-3 days before use.